Springbrook Cabinetry Custom Cabinets / Cabinet Refacing

Handcrafted Cabinetry Made in Wisconsin

Springbrook Cabinetry Custom Cabinets / Cabinet Refacing

Handcrafted Cabinetry & Millwork Made in Wisconsin

Custom Cabinet Makers

Custom Cabinets for Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels in Twin Lakes

Kitchen & Bathroom Custom Cabinetry in Twin Lakes, WI

When you need custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, Springbrook Cabinetry is the right cabinet maker. We are an honest and professional custom cabinet maker and with our many years of experience in custom cabinetry we know how to design, create and deliver the best custom cabinets that meet all of your requirements and wants.

Our custom cabinets and cabinetry are handcrafted with the finest materials and quality workmanship. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, our custom cabinetry will be the perfect addition to transforming these spaces into just what you want.

Our commitment to designing and building you great custom cabinets and cabinetry that add beauty and functionality to your home or office is not just a motto but our goal. Let your style and our expert handcraftsman build your custom cabinets.

Cabinet Refacing Services Twin Lakes, WI

Refacing Cabinets for Kitchens or Bathrooms in Twin Lakes, WI

Refacing kitchen cabinets means putting a new “face” on your cabinets. Here are the 6 Easy Steps on how we reface.

Springbrook Cabinetry is one of the best cabinet makers in southern Wisconsin and our cabinet refacing does not take your project lightly, we put just as much professionalism, quality and effort into making your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets look like new and ensure you are satisfied with your cabinet refacing.

  • We remove all the old and tired looking doors and drawer fronts.
  • We carefully inspect the wood to determine exactly what repairs are needed. (Minor wood repair, cabinet reinforcement or build up).
  • Sand and roughen the cabinet box finish.
  • Cover the exposed cabinet frames with a new layer of wood veneer or laminate, depending on what you have chosen for your kitchen design style.
  • Replace with new doors and drawer fronts.
  • Install Decorative Hardware

By the time I’ve finished with your cabinets, your kitchen cabinets will look as good (if not better) than new! And with the addition of a few inexpensive accessories your kitchen cabinets can be much more functional. For example, roll out shelves and tilt trays make your kitchen more practical, increase cabinet storage, ergonomically easier and overall, a much more pleasant kitchen to work in.

Twin Lakes Custom Cabinets

If you are looking for custom cabinets let Springbrook Cabinetry show you how easy it can be with our expert cabinet services. If you live in Southern Wisconsin including Kenosha County, Kenosha, Twin Lakes; Racine County, Burlington, Racine, Union Grove, Waterford; Walworth County, Lake Geneva; Waukesha County, Muskego, and the surrounding areas, call us at (262) 620-4434 or complete our form below.



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